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Why did not clearly legible barcode[ 09-23 16:47 ]
Barcode too much content, density is too low.Workaround: Shorten the bar code content or increase the bar code density. 200dpi and 300dpi for the machines, bar code density than that is generally in 7mils scale factor of 2 or more want to print out barcode was clear.
Normal but not take the paper to print stuff[ 09-23 16:29 ]
Cause: The ribbon installed backwards.Solution: Look ribbon fall within or outside the carbon carbon, and then press the installation instructions on the proper method of installation.
Barcode ribbon reasons for deviation[ 09-23 16:24 ]
The main reason is the platen spring and uneven paper does not limit sign Table width adjustment resulting barcode ribbon cutting and not caused by poor quality.
Optional bar code label printers Notes[ 09-23 16:22 ]
The first consideration is price, good price positioning, grasp the general direction, and then carefully selected. Now the bar code label printers available in the market at home and abroad are numerous, prices vary, some foreign products rather pricey, completely out of the true cost price of the printer, some printers are cheap, but the practicality bad.
Bar code printer label transmission technology principle[ 09-23 16:01 ]
Bar code label printers drive also means label feed mechanism, there are two kinds of ways using, a print head platen of ways, one is hanging printhead pressure way,way platen roller generally only use the front Driver Feed (some wide barcode machine also before and after the roll axis simultaneous drive)
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