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Product Name:FC3 - Hot Coding Foil

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FC3  Hot Coding Foil

产品型号:FC3  Hot Coding Foil

Technical parameters
Thickness of coding foil :23.5±1.5 μmInk thickness um:11.5±1.5 μm
Printing temperature:90-160℃
Strong adhesion, anti-scratch, easy to use and dry, clear legible font, high resolution, no-drop powder, water resistant, oil resistant, acid resistant . Used on middle-speed labeling machines
Range of application
Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, packaging industries to print batch umber (i.e.production /expiration date) and text label.
Suitable medium
Standard WAX TTR   YD-106
Standard WAX TTR YD-106
YD-106 is our basic wax-based TTR. It offers an economical solution for most of the paper applications with the fairly good printing performance
Standard Resin Enhanced Wax TTR  YD-182
Standard Resin Enhanced Wax TTR YD-182
Better Scratch-resistant than YD100, High transfer rate, suitable for high-speed printing,easy anti-static coating and effectively protect the print head.
Premium Resin Enhanced Wax TTR  YD-183
Premium Resin Enhanced Wax TTR YD-183
Best Scratch-resistance and adaptability,Excellent printing quality,Suitable different types of printing medium and high-speed printing,Antistatic coating can protect the print head

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