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      Apply used with Hot Ink Roller Marked Machine and Sealing Machine. Can achieve fast printing, Easy to use, Clear printing, Quick-drying, Non-polluting, All material are imported, High stable quality, Can printing more times, Higher adhesion than XJ-Type. Can let the clients satisfy with the adhesion.
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         ProductsXF- Premium Ink Roll

    Printing Capacity: 90,000Time (single line)Printing temperature: 100-160℃
    Available Colors:  Black, White, Red


    X-F is our premium ink roll.

    It has superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. With the upgraded melt-ink and foam roll, the X-F roll offers sharper printing images and longer service time comparing to the standard ink roll.  it’s available in black, white and red.

    Recommended Subtrate:
    Uncoated Paper, Coated Paper, Polyester, PP, PE, PS, PVC


    Standard Size:
    Φ 36mm x 12mmΦ 36mm x 16mm
    Φ 36mm x 32mmΦ 36mm x 36mm
    Φ 36mm x 40mmΦ 40mm x 40mm
    Φ 48mm x 55mmΦ 48mm x 60mm


    YD-106 is our basic wax-based TTR. It offers an economical solution for most of the paper applications with the fairly good printing performance
    YD-182 is the resin enhanced wax TTR. It’s a multi-purpose barcode ribbon which is suitable for many applications. It has the sharp printing quality with very good scratch-resistance and heat-resistance.
    YD-183 is our top grade resin enhanced wax TTR. It’s the upgrade version of YD-182, and has the highest attribute in the resin enhanced wax group. Shortly after introduced into the globe market, it has quickly become our bestselling TTR.

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