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Barcode ribbon

Product Name:YD-211

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      YD-211 is standard Resin TTR It offers the superior performance with the sharp and clean definition. It’s an ideal choice when the extra durability is required for the printed image.
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       ProductsYD211 - Standard Resin TTR

    Thickness of Ribbon :7.1±0.3 μmThickness of Ink :2.6±0.2 μm
    Static Index :≤0.03 kvOptical Density :≥1.4 D
    Color Density :≥2.2 DBPrinting Speed   :12 IPS
    Ink Melting Point   :80℃

    Recommended Subtrates
    Coated Paper, Polyester, PP, PE, PET, PVC


    Recommended Application

    General Purpose Labeling, Retails Labeling, Shelf & Bin Labeling, Asset Tracking, Warehouse,

    Health Care, Electronics

    Compatible Printers:
    Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Intermec, TSC, CAB, Avery, Argon, Toshiba TEC, ect

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