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SCF type Hot Coding Foil
SCF type Hot Coding Foil
Excellent adhesion, clear printing, excellent abrasion resistance, high oil and water resistance, better for higher temperature cooking, apply for high speed label machine.
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FC3  Hot Coding Foil
FC2 Hot Coding Foil
FC2   Hot Coding Foil
Strong adhesion, anti-scratch, easy to use, clear legible font, High resolution, two layers of coating. Used on freezing and low-speed labeling machines
FR Hot Coding Foil
FR   Hot Coding Foil
Low temperature print, economical and practical, anti-scratch, printing clearly used on coding machine to print batch number (i.e.production/expiration date) or logo on leather and paper.

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Part of barcode ribbon

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Shaft core (core)

Common are paper or plastic ribbon shaft, the main requirement is not deformed and can not slide during printing.

Composition of the raw tape

The original tape generally consists of five layers, top coat, the ink layer, the inner coating with the base and the back coating. 1. Inside coating: mainly used to print smooth surface, and the consistency of the ink from the ribbon base release. 2. ink layer: is the most important, and decided to use for printing characteristic ribbon, such as resistance to chemical corrosion and friction and so on. 3. With base: are other layers of the carrier, and decided to heat conduction properties. The back coating: Simply put in the back of the ribbon is coated with a special coating, its main function is to reduce the print head wear; reduce static generation and strengthen the heat conduction. 5. Top coat: mainly used to improve the adhesion of the ink on the label, increase endurance environment.

Cit band

Cit with generally transparent or other colors, he has the following several functions 1. Product Identification: can be printed on the product names, company names and trademarks, for marketing and reminders pin. 2. The protective effect: to protect the ribbon. 3. Ease of use: easy on the barcode ribbon to the printer

After gubernaculum

In general, a warning is played, let the printer sense the end of the ribbon on the printer determines the lead after different bands, there are three: 1. Transparency: for transmissive sensor, allowing light to pass through the ribbon represented by Finish. 2. Aluminum (Silver): mainly for reflection-type sensor, the reflected light indicates the end of the ribbon. 3. For the mechanical sensing, change printer ribbon runs out, said induction tension.

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