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SCF type Hot Coding Foil
SCF type Hot Coding Foil
Excellent adhesion, clear printing, excellent abrasion resistance, high oil and water resistance, better for higher temperature cooking, apply for high speed label machine.
FC3 Hot Coding Foil
FC3  Hot Coding Foil
FR Hot Coding Foil
FR   Hot Coding Foil
Low temperature print, economical and practical, anti-scratch, printing clearly used on coding machine to print batch number (i.e.production/expiration date) or logo on leather and paper.
FC2 Hot Coding Foil
FC2   Hot Coding Foil
Strong adhesion, anti-scratch, easy to use, clear legible font, High resolution, two layers of coating. Used on freezing and low-speed labeling machines

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Barcode ribbon Overview

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Barcode ribbon is a kind of polyester film coated with ink on one side, the other side coated with a lubricant to prevent the print head wear new bar code printing supplies, which mainly uses thermal transfer technology supporting the use of bar code printers, bar code printers through the print head the heat and pressure so that the ribbon will transfer the appropriate text and barcode information on the label. Has been widely used in packaging, logistics, manufacturing, commerce, clothing, paper and books, and other fields.