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Printing supplies industry analysis

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Printing supplies industry chain from upstream to downstream order: chemical raw materials - toner (ink) - cartridges (ink) - Printer. Industry participants can be divided into the original manufacturers and vendors are compatible. Terminal printers for the durable goods market demand is huge, but the competition is very intense.

In color laser printer, for example, in recent years, leading to price competition in the industry intensifies entry color laser printer has dropped to 20 percent five years ago, the decline is obvious. Falling prices push the rapid spread of the printer, according to statistics in 2012 global shipments of 116 million sets of the printer, and the printer market in 2013 is expected to resume growth.

Intense price competition led to profitability dropped significantly terminal printer, terminal manufacturers rely more on the late supplies sales profit. In color laser printer, for example, it needs to work with a black, blue, yellow and red colors of the drum, and a four-color original cartridge price of up to 1,600 yuan, equivalent to the price of an entry-level color laser printer and the future use shall continue to replace the drum, industry information network found highly profitable printing supplies after the investigation, depending on the profitability of the industry essentially supplies.

Printing supplies industry market space is very large, the amount of printer consumables ownership needs huge terminal is very large. Global shipments of the industry by the drum 379 million in 2010 to grow to 479 million, which accounts for less than compatible cartridges 30% market share, the original cartridge each priced at about 400 yuan, 100 yuan is compatible, the average Each drum costs about 300 yuan, while the global market capacity cartridges industry more than 100 billion yuan.