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Ribbon Classification and Application

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Ribbon is very important when printing material, in general, the quality of the ribbon, in addition to the decision printhead life is also related to the effect of print. Good ribbon, can protect the print head, the effect can be accurately attached to the top of the paper, not easy to spread, not easy to fall off. Mainly composed of ribbon ribbon on its material classification, it can simply be divided into the following three:

1, wax ribbon: that wax and carbon black (assumed to be black ribbon) as the main material, as a coating material products. Wax ribbon is the most economical inexpensive ribbon is mainly used for general printing paper, using wax ribbon must be noted that the cooperation with the paper, wax ribbon for use on the surface of the material feel slightly concave, Comparison does not apply to surface smooth as a mirror material such as PET materials products.

2, resin ribbon: If the information requested must be able to print anti-solvent resistant to high temperatures, etc., for the chemical product packaging, or must be high temperature, fever parts for electrical appliances, or must be printed on special PET and other chemical products of , we recommend using resin ribbons, because the resin composition of material to achieve the above requirements, but this ribbon is usually the price is relatively high, but still must print and paper / print media mix to achieve the best print level.

3, half tree half wax ribbon: that wax and resin is mixed as the main material, as a coating material products. Mixing ratio, along with the need to change, mainly for the relatively smooth surface of the material, generally more stringent requirements for surface products suitable for use, for example, indicate the general consumption of the product, its performance is a combination of the above advantages of the two ribbon It made.

4, wash cloth ribbon: excellent scratch resistance, smear, and resistance to alcohol and other chemical substances; resistant to washing, after detergent (including dry-cleaning mode) After washing, still maintain a clear image; 150 ℃ high temperature ironing, more excellent quality. Continuous printing, non-adhesive Water Wash situation.